Monday, 7 November 2011

Chapter 1.6 Figuring Out Some of the Rules

Woot!!  I just got promoted!  I am officially a Roadie - now where in The Great One's name can I find my star a brocolli and peanut butter sandwich??  Does such a thing even exist?

Ah, home sweet.....

What the family?

Ooh, I've got more space, more space!  I got's me a fridge! Hmm, this seems to be a pattern, get a promotion, get better digs....  I wonder....

Mmm, bread and jam for breakfast, why oh why can't I have stove?  I want some hot food!

Stupid cheap shower, breaks every other time I use it.

Oh My Great One, looks at this mess, all that water and a dirty plate.  Nooooooo, a dirty plate!  I have no sink in which to wash it up, it's going to have to stay there for all eternity.  Note to self, drink juice until The Great One deems it fitting that I have a sink.

I need to get out of this place, I am seriously freaking out here.

Mmmm, playing on my guitar never fails to calm me down, even if I do have to do it outside...  In nature...

Oh look, here's my lift to work.

Great, another random sim, who I have no chance of ever getting to know, why can't we even just chat on the way to work?  I don't get it.

Another random day at work, I got to meet some of my colleagues today though, can't remember their names though, oops. Honestly, you'd think that being a Roadie meant fun and frolics, but I just spend my time picking up dry cleaning and ordering flowers for the star's fiance after their third fight this week.  This is getting old, do I really want to become a Rockstar?

Tired, so tired...

The next day dawned and the stench of that plate is really starting to get to me.

At least I can take the juice carton out to the bin.

Another day another dollar.

And a promotion!  I am now a stage hand, yes, someone else can deal with the star's tantrums and foot stomping. 

I'm really not sure about this uniform though, does it make my bum look big?

Sheesh, what a stench, I've been living with that dirty plate for days, but what's this, could it be, yes it is.  I finally have a sink with which to wash said offended stink away.  Thank you Great One.

Finally, I get to brush my teeth.  

That feels much better.  Now if only The Great One would allow me to get a better shower, this leaky thing is driving me bonkers.


  1. This is so funny lol!! At least she got rid of the dirty plate!

  2. Thanks Louise, I am glad you are enjoying Bridge's adventures :)

  3. Yay for new stuff! I love how the plate just sat there. for days! :)

  4. Thanks Cass, as a neat sim, it really was draining her mood :D