Monday, 7 November 2011

Chapter 1.6 Figuring Out Some of the Rules

Woot!!  I just got promoted!  I am officially a Roadie - now where in The Great One's name can I find my star a brocolli and peanut butter sandwich??  Does such a thing even exist?

Ah, home sweet.....

What the family?

Ooh, I've got more space, more space!  I got's me a fridge! Hmm, this seems to be a pattern, get a promotion, get better digs....  I wonder....

Mmm, bread and jam for breakfast, why oh why can't I have stove?  I want some hot food!

Stupid cheap shower, breaks every other time I use it.

Oh My Great One, looks at this mess, all that water and a dirty plate.  Nooooooo, a dirty plate!  I have no sink in which to wash it up, it's going to have to stay there for all eternity.  Note to self, drink juice until The Great One deems it fitting that I have a sink.

I need to get out of this place, I am seriously freaking out here.

Mmmm, playing on my guitar never fails to calm me down, even if I do have to do it outside...  In nature...

Oh look, here's my lift to work.

Great, another random sim, who I have no chance of ever getting to know, why can't we even just chat on the way to work?  I don't get it.

Another random day at work, I got to meet some of my colleagues today though, can't remember their names though, oops. Honestly, you'd think that being a Roadie meant fun and frolics, but I just spend my time picking up dry cleaning and ordering flowers for the star's fiance after their third fight this week.  This is getting old, do I really want to become a Rockstar?

Tired, so tired...

The next day dawned and the stench of that plate is really starting to get to me.

At least I can take the juice carton out to the bin.

Another day another dollar.

And a promotion!  I am now a stage hand, yes, someone else can deal with the star's tantrums and foot stomping. 

I'm really not sure about this uniform though, does it make my bum look big?

Sheesh, what a stench, I've been living with that dirty plate for days, but what's this, could it be, yes it is.  I finally have a sink with which to wash said offended stink away.  Thank you Great One.

Finally, I get to brush my teeth.  

That feels much better.  Now if only The Great One would allow me to get a better shower, this leaky thing is driving me bonkers.

Chapter 1.4 Social Contact

Ok then mobile phone, it looks like it's just you and me.

But who can I call?  It's not like the police or the fire department would appreciate a call from a neurotic drama queen looking for a sperm donation is it?  Honestly, of course there have to be rules, but do they have to be this strict?

The next day arrives and my car pool arrives, although I have to say, I have no idea who the woman driving the car is?  Do I work with her?

After another uneventful day at work, I headed home and read the local newspaper.

With some unexpected consequences...

Oh great, a blocked toilet.  Do I really have to try and clear it?  Oh, wait a minute, isn't this the perfect opportunity to meet one of these NPC's that The Great One was talking about?  

I called the maintenance office, but they were closed and I left a message, I hope someone comes soon, it smells.

Ah, it's Wednesday, my first day off since arriving here in Sunset Valley.  I really need to have some social interactions, or I think I am going to go crazy.  Now, did I leave my mobile number with the maintenance people?!  Oh, who cares, I am going to seriously freak out if I have to stay in the tin pot shack a minute longer.

Ah, that's better.


Such a cute butterfly, worth a handful of Simoleons too!

And a seed, I wonder what it will grow into.

But wait, why aren't I being plagued by nature?  Oh, my little freak out cancelled that little moodlet out! Way to go me!

Oh my gosh - a person, a real live person!

Meet Tuesday Spears, what a pretentious name, turns out she doesn't like sushi either.  How can you not like sushi?

Well, that helped me fill up my social bar a bit.  But I really don't like that woman, just because she grew up here doesn't give her the right to snub me like that.

I had best head home, in case that handy man turns up, oh gosh, I hope they don't send Tuesday.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Chapter 1.5 The Not So Handy Man

Back at the old homestead I settled down on the bed to read a book my boss had given me to help my career, entitled "Getting Noticed in a Sea of Fans".  

I sure hope it does what it says as I am fed up of being a fan, everyday, it's just screaming and fawning over a bunch of talentless nobodies, doesn't anyone recognise star quality when they see it?

Ooh, that's the door, could this be my handyman?

Meet Clark Sauer.

Woah, hold on there Bridge, are you really thinking that this is the guy you want to start your legacy with?  I mean, look at that beak.

It's not like I'm being given a whole lot of choice it is?  And he won't stop flirting with me.

Of course not, he's a man, in a town with hardly any women, what do you expect.

Gosh, I'm sleepy, think I might get ready for bed...

Clark certainly looks like he's enjoying the view Bridge!

Too tired to talk any more, must get some sleep.

The next morning:

Gosh - he didn't even unblock the toilet!  And I paid him his full fee!  Shame on him.  Surely there must be another man out here somewhere?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Chapter 1.3 - Ghost Town

And so with some trepidation, I made my way outside.  I hadn't taken much notice of my surroundings on the taxi ride over here last night, I think I may have even fallen asleep in the cab.

Where was everybody?  There were empty lots all over town and I didn't see a single soul.  This is very freaky.

It was soon time for my shift at the theatre, so I headed back in my taxi.  As I got out, I noticed a number of other taxi's all lined up, as if waiting for fares, but there was still no sign of anyone.

My shift at work was uneventful, apart from the theatre owner setting me a challenge.  He asked me to improve my guitar skill by one point and he would give me a new composition to learn.  Sounds like it could be fun.  I knew one thing, I  sure was tired.

And I was getting more and more uneasy about the lack of life in this town.

So I decided to head back to the old warehouse for the night, I was too tired to head home, and I still didn't actually own a bed in which to sleep anyways.

Morning came and I made my way home, past more empty lots and pavements.  

Wow, a building.  Could this be four walls for me to live inside?

On opening the front door...

This is where you expect me to live?

For the moment Bridgite, yes.  You have a toilet, a shower and a bed.  Maybe if you earn some more money you can afford to improve things a bit.

Not even a fridge?

Have you ever heard of growing your own vegetables?  There will be plenty for you to eat if you scour the town for seeds.

Seeds? What about people? You said this was supposed to be a legacy.  How can I procreate if there is nobody here?

Use your brain Bridge, is it OK if I call you Bridge?  Of course it is.  You have a mobile phone, you can call for services.  That is one of the rules of this legacy, you can only have children with Non Playable Characters or NPC's for short.  Oh and they aren't allowed to move onto this lot either.  You should enjoy being a single parent.  Have fun!

Chapter 1.2 Sanctuary

A warehouse?

What am I supposed to do here?  As I stepped inside though, it occurred to me that The Great One had not forsaken me after all.  Inside was everything I could need to survive my first night in Sunset Valley.

Most importantly, on the first floor, in what I can only assume is a doctors office, I found a bed.

I wasted no time and crawled under the covers, hoping that no one would find me in the morning.

My dreams that night were interesting, a bed to sleep in, my new job and food.

I awoke in the morning to a terrible hunger.

Surely there had to be some food in this place somewhere.  Wandering around, I found what looked to be break room of some kind.

And it had a fridge! Score, someone left some cereal in here!

I popped into the conference room to eat my ill-gotten grub.

Bridgite, I see you have made yourself at home in Valley House.

Oh yes, Great One, thank you for sending that taxi for me last night.

I can be quite benevolent my dear, if you stick to the rules, you will find this out for yourself.  Now dear, I see you are sat in your underwear.  I don't mind and it won't be that much of a problem right now.

That's good, I think.  Hang on, why won't it be a problem?

Why don't you get dressed and have a look around town,you'll soon find out what I mean.  Take care of yourself Bridgite.

Wait - you're going?


Great One?


Is she always going to pop in and out like that?